Valhalla is Floki Inu's flagship utility project and an ultimate industry disruptor.
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Floki Inu, as part of its effort in continuing to build out utility to its token, has unveiled its flagship project named Valhalla. Valhalla is an NFT metaverse game run on the Floki Inu token.
Non Fungible Tokens, or NFTs, have transitioned from being a lesser known, side show, to the crypto world, to becoming one of the most significant pieces of the crypto industry. One of the ways NFTs are now being leveraged is to give power back to gamers. Valhalla seeks to provide gamers with a fun and immersive experience that they can fully own and profit from.
Valhalla is a play-to-earn NFT gaming metaverse. In addition to being rewarded with $FLOKI for battling, everything that you obtain in the metaverse is yours to own and to sell as you intend (such as on FlokiPlaces).
The team working on Valhalla have been working on NFT games since 2017, are at the head of a development team of 15, and are onboarding high-profile advisors with experience developing successful mainstream addictive games.
More information can be found on the Valhalla Litepaper.
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