Treasury Tax
It's all about growth
For Open Community Review and Is Subject To Change
Each trade has a small fee deducted to pay for marketing ventures and the further development of the Floki Ecosystem. These ventures allow FLOKI to reach out to worthwhile technology and marketing partners to further develop and build out the plans for the Floki Ecosystem.
The marketing wallet is secured through a multi-sig protocol. What this means is that the marketing wallet is not controlled by a single team member. For even one fraction of an Ether or BNB to leave the marketing wallet, at least 4 of the signatories on the multisig must sign off on the transaction. This ensures that the marketing funds is truly being used to develop the Floki Ecosystem.
The treasury funds are mainly used for two things:
First, it is used for the continued development of the Floki Ecosystem: this includes hiring devs, facilitating partnerships, and compensating contributors to the project.
Second, it is used for ensuring fast-tracked growth and adoption of the Floki Ecosystem. This includes sustaining an aggressive marketing campaign, paying for CEX listings, paying for ads, onboarding influencers and ambassadors, paying for promotional charity donations, and sponsoring real world events and promotions.
The team has EXCITING plans that will require significant money to implement. Stay tuned!
The marketing tax on all buys and is as follows:
Binance Smart Chain
The marketing tax will be REDUCED as sufficient funds are collected in the treasury wallet. There is no tax on transfers.
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