General Vision

The team is constantly looking to bring utility and community to the Floki Inu brand. On the utility front, the team's long term vision is to create an autonomous and decentralized ecosystem. First, this includes strategic partnerships, such as the current partnerships with CryptoCart and Curate. Second, this includes building utility on the token itself, such as staking and bridging (already implemented). Third, this includes developing an ecosystem of use cases of the Floki Inu brand with the incorporation of NFTs, games, and decentralized banking add ons. This is all going to be done through our experienced team of leaders, developers, and marketers. The current team consists of over 20 individuals established in the cryptocurrency space, working across Floki Inu's administration, development, and marketing departments.
On the community front, Floki Inu has a dedicated group of team members focused on continuously improving the community and "raid" culture. As already stated, Floki Inu has already been recognized as one of the most active communities in all of crypto, along side the likes of Bitcoin, Ethereum, Doge, and Shiba Inu. The team furthers this movement through strategic partnerships with the Million Gardens Movement, a project started by Kimbal Musk. Together, both movements aim to tackle food insecurity in the world.


Phase 1

    Token relaunch
    BSC launch
    Smart contract audits
    CMC / Coingecko listings
    Cross-chain bridge/swaps
    Influencer / Celebrity onboarding
    Website relaunch
    25,000 holders

Phase 2

    Aggressive marketing rollout
    Charity donations
    Solid partnerships (with utility focus)
    User rewards program
    50,000 holders

Phase 3

    Project X
    CEX listings
    Major partnerships
    100,000 holders
    Real world events

Phase 4

    FlokiPlaces (NFT / Merchandise marketplace)
    Tesla giveaway
    Massive donation to dog shelters/charities ($100k+)
    150,000 holders
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