Floki Whitepaper
FLOKI aims to provide access to DeFi to its hundreds of thousands of holders through strategic partnerships and integrations.
FLOKI has integrated Chainlink price feeds in order to be able to provide DeFi access to FLOKI's 400,000+ holders.
The Chainlink integration solidifies FLOKI's position as a movement token able to offer DeFi to its users.
By leveraging the Chainlink price feeds, FLOKI has been able to achieve an integration with two of the most respected DeFi brands:
  • Inverse Finance.
  • BarnBridge.
The FLOKI Pool on Inverse Finance lets FLOKI users earn interest on their FLOKI tokens by staking it and using FLOKI as a collateral to borrow WBTC, ETH, YFI, Inverse Finance's native DOLA stablecoin.
The FLOKI Pool on BarnBridge's SMART Alpha lets FLOKI users hedge against inflation and price volatility by locking their tokens in a "Senior" or "Junior" pool that gives them protection against downward volatility and leveraged exposure.
Besides these two offerings, FLOKI continues to pursue strategic DeFi partnerships/integrations to give FLOKI holders more control of their finances. More importantly, FLOKI plans to introduce its own DeFi products in the near future.
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