Does it matter whether I buy Floki Inu on the Ethereum blockchain or the Binance Smart Chain?

Generally, no. Because there is a bridge that you can use at any time, the value of the tokens remain relatively the same. For example, if you purchase Floki Inu on the Ethereum blockchain, and then when you are ready to sell you see that the price of Floki Inu is slightly higher on the Binance Smart Chain, you can always bridge your tokens to the Binance Smart Chain and sell for the higher price. There is no fee to bridge.

Is the liquidity locked on both chains?

Yes. Liquidity is locked for 265 years on the Ethereum blockchain and for 265 years on the Binance Smart Chain.

How is Floki Inu different from other meme coins?

Floki Inu isn't your average memecoin. It is a movement token with real world utility.
This is clearly indicated through a number of initiatives:
    The partnership with CryptoCart / CC which allows FLOKI tokens to be used to purchase things on 1,700+ stores including Amazon, PlayStation, and Apple using CC's crypto-to-gift card tech.
    The Curate / XCUR partnership which allows FLOKI tokens to be used on Curate's soon-to-be-released physical goods marketplace and gives Floki Inu access to release NFTs on their gasless NFT marketplace.
    Project X, which is Floki Inu's flagship utility project which will be unveiled in the near future.
This doesn't take into account the clear possibility of Elon Musk getting a Shiba Inu soon and actually naming it Floki like he publicly declared he would. Elon's regular support for Doge, and his tacit support for Shib, helped push both meme projects mainstream. We are expecting something similar for Floki.
Last modified 2mo ago