Floki Inu (FLOKI)
Meet Floki Inu, the new MOVEMENT token.
Floki Inu is not a meme coin. IT’S A MOVEMENT. A new cryptocurrency birthed by fans & members of the Shiba Inu community. Floki Inu is named after Elon Musk’s very own Shiba Inu. FLOKI is working on three flagship utility projects: an NFT gaming metaverse known as Valhalla, an NFT and merchandise marketplace known as FlokiPlaces, and a content/education platform known as Floki Inuversity.
We call our community the Floki Vikings. We call ourselves Vikings in honor of Floki, the Viking character Elon Musk’s dog was named after. We were forged in the storms of the Floki Inu re-launch when a team of heros saved the project and overcame all challenges to make it successful. This Viking spirit is the heart of our community.
We don't just call ourselves a movement. We back it up with action. Already, Floki Inu has been listed several times on LunarCrush’s social engagement Top 10 leaderboards. We take our community efforts seriously.
Now, for the story. Elon Musk tweeted (in June) that his Shiba Inu would be named Floki. From that, Floki Inu was born. Liquidity is locked on the ETH contract for 265 years. Liquidity is locked on the BSC contract for 265 years as well. A bridge links the two tokens, giving users the ability to bridge their tokens 1:1 across networks.
About 3 months following the initial launch of the token, Elon Musk tweeted the arrival of his new Shiba Inu and that he named it "Floki." The ability of eccentric billionaire Elon Musk to move the markets is unparalleled, and this time around it is going to be with Floki Inu.
Beyond just a meme, the team is focused on utility.
The Floki Inu team is composed of several large crypto influencers and well-respected industry figures, like B, PetaByte Capital, Sabre, and MrBrown Whale who put their reputations on the line for this project. Floki Inu's lead developer is Jackie Xu, a well-respected and doxxed figure in the industry with over a decade of blockchain experience.
This all-star team never stops building the utility of Floki Inu. In addition to the bridge, to bring utility to Floki Inu, Floki Inu is partnered with CryptoCart which gives FLOKI holders the ability to use the Floki Inu token to purchase items at over 1,700 stores through a partnership with CryptoCart (CC). A similar partnership with Curate (XCUR) will allow Floki tokens to be used as payment on the XCUR physical goods marketplace that launches soon. Other things are in the works including capitalizing on the hype of NFTs, gaming, and payment services.
In addition to its utility, Floki Inu separates itself from other tokens in this space with the unmatched moves it makes. For example, Floki Inu is the only crypto project officially partnered with Kimbal Musk, Elon Musk's brother, through the Million Gardens Movement -- an initiative he co-founded with billionaire Frank Giustra. Together, Floki Inu and the Million Gardens Movement are working together to tackle food insecurity in the world.
In summary, Floki Inu is not an ordinary "memecoin." Although Floki Inu leverages its meme potential and connection to Elon Musk's dog, it is building utility. Floki Inu is a movement, it is utility, and it will compete with the top crypto currencies in this market.
Store of Value
Proof of Meme
Auto Farming
Deflationary, not inflationary
Grow your FLOKI balance just by holding
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